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Changan Magic Night

"Chang Magic Night" is serialized in "Sunray story100" Writing a novel Fan Liming. Han Lu adapted for the comic book.Changan your heart, what color is it? Swinger Kuni Emperor's palace, the city was silent guard of terracotta, bronze seems to be cold. Han empire within Weijia Hai, Liuhua with Pegasus to bring to the Pass of sand. It was red and dark interwoven Wind and Smoke. Peerless luxury room Sui capital, Yangzhou dragon boat and not back to Luang, Qi Yan rouge color with Qionghua Yushu has withered. And that has a peony spirits, with Li Bai, Du Fu, Chang has Colourful Plumage it? Is rich crimson or bright golden? Or is gorgeous mysterious emerald green? Perhaps with more incredible color, right? Like Dunhuang frescoes, like flying dance, a variety of exotic colors rolled into the clouds, the tall dream big city, where the hold up at higher elevations, so that future generations of people looking at the same time, it seems like real magic birth a sense of familiarity in the street holding Suzaku horse scholar, are you not How about you? When the moon rises, the night when flying, there is always some bizarre story was written, they dipped in moonlight as ink, written in the wind, writing in the water, dawn burst on the scene would disappear. You catch a glimpse of the blur, it will draw on what color? For this belongs to the fantasy and the night of the big Chang'an