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Naruto Card Game Content of the work

Published: Wednesday 19 April, 2017

The collectible card game Naruto (ナ ル ト - カ ー ド ゲ ー ム, Naruto gêmu KADO) is Bandai and first introduced in Japan in February 2003. [124] Bandai launched the game in English in North America in April 2006. [125]

The game takes place between two participants, requiring a custom deck 40 cards, a board game, something that works as a "turn marker" and "full coin ninja", which are mainly used to make decisions. At every turn, both players can use their cards to perform various actions such as altering your card skills or statistics measuring the performance level of the various missions and tasks. The player also can perform attacks Naruto Costumes against his opponent. To win, the player must earn ten "battle rewards" through their actions in the game, or the other player to exhaust their escape route. [126]

The cards are issued by name and together are called "series", with different shapes, which in turn set up the fight. [124] [125] Each game includes a deck Start the game board, a counter exchange, and a "full currency ninja." Additional cards are available in 10 different card games. In addition, the cards for each series are also available in collectible tins, containing several packages of a collection of exclusive promotional cards in a box metallic. [127] in October 2006, a total of 17 new series were was launched in Japan, a number that includes 417 unique cards. [124] Two years later, ten of these series were also released in North America. [128]