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Naruto content of the work Front

Published: Wednesday 19 April, 2017

Overall, Naruto had a very good reception sales both in Japan and the United States. As of volume 36, has sold over 71 million copies in its country of origin. [138] In 2008, it sold a figure close to two million copies of volume 43, so it is considered one of the ten top selling manga in the same territory. [139] Although the volumes 41, 42 and 44 were also in the top 20, each sold less copies than the above. [139] In total, the manga sold 4,261,054 copies in Japan during 2008, becoming the second best-selling series, [140] as well as one of the most successful Viz Media, [141] representing almost 10% of total sales in the industry produced in 2006. [11] The seventh volume released by Viz Media, became the first Naruto Costumes

 volume of manga win a Quill Award after having claimed the award for "Best Graphic Novel" in 2006. [11] The manga also appeared in the list of the most read in USA Today (standing volume 11), until it was surpassed by volume 28 that reached the 17th position in its first week of release in March 2008. [ 142] [143] [144] Volume 28 was the best debut sales during its first week, being also the volume sold in 2008. [145] During the broadcast, the volume 29 is classified in 57th place, while volume dropped 28 to 139. [146] In April 2007, volume 14 was recognized as the "Manga Trade for Rural Year" awarded by Diamond Comic Distributors in Viz Media. [147] Beginning in 2008, became the main US manga with 31 volumes published up to that time, [148] while the word "Naruto" was one of the ten most searched terms on Yahoo in 2007 and community 2008. [149]