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Naruto content of the work Art and Guides

Published: Monday 17 July, 2017

As part of the franchise, there are also supplementary books such as Naruto artbook called as the "Art of Naruto: Uzumaki", which contains illustrations of the manga of the first half. This work was released in Japan and the United States. [129] The second part of the manga was echoed by two artbook, with the names of "Jump Paint / Art Naruto" and "Illustrations of Naruto," released by Shueisha on April 4, 2008 and July 3, 2009 respectively. [130] [131] A series of Databook for the first part, titled Hiden: Rin no Sho - Kyarakutā ofisharu Detai book (秘 伝 臨 の 書 キ ャ ラ ク タ ー オ フ ィ シ ャ ル デ ー タ BOOK, Volume 1 "Secret: Written confrontation date book official figures") [132] and Hiden: to No Sho - Kyarakutā Naruto Costumes ofisharu Detai book (秘 伝 闘 の 書 キ ャ ラ ク タ ー オ フ ィ シ ャ ル デ ー タ BOOK, Volume 2 "Secret: Enter the fight date book official figures"), [133] were released only in Japan. Third Databook, Hiden: Sha no Sho - Kyarakutā ofisharu Detai book (秘 伝 者 の 書 - キ ャ ラ ク タ ー オ フ ィ シ ャ ル デ ー タ BOOK, Volume 3 "Secret: Written for people Date book official figures"), was released on 4 September 2008 [134] and adapting the second part of the manga. These books contain character profiles, Jutsu guides and the sketches created by Kishimoto. For the anime, a series of guide books (called Animation book) were also released; These contain information about the production of the anime episodes along with an explanation of the characters designs. [135] [136] [137]